Our Facilities.

ALLPRO batting tunnels.ALLPRO Baseball / Softball Academy - always in season - is an all-new indoor 5,000 square foot baseball and softball training facility and we proudly opened our doors to hitters on Wednesday, April 18th 2007. We invite all teams and players in the Montgomery / Conroe / Houston area to come by and improve your swing on the 4 pitching machines, live hitting and pitching bays, warm-up areas and much more. ALLPRO has entire facility rental available for both business and personal parties.

With a combination of baseball and softball machines you can train or just hit away in our batting cages. Teams can take advantage of our special Team Package offers listed on the home page of this website. We also offer individual and group instruction. Call 936-582-0200 or come by today!

Iron Mike pitching machine.A batter watches the pitcher's motion plus the spin on the ball to calculate when and where it will cross the plate. As you brace for the pitch, you must evaluate it quickly - extremely quickly.

You must determine its speed and spin in about one-seventh of a second. In the next one-seventh of a second, you decide whether to swing and - if you decide yes - where and when to swing. That leaves just one-seventh of a second, if the pitch is a fastball, to swing the bat.

Hitting is all about timing. You must have the proper timing to know when to start your swing and when to shift your weight. This is achieved by watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. An arm-style pitching machine is the only type of pitching machine that gives you that same sense of timing.

With each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine that allows you to practice the same fundamental in the batting cage as you use on the field.

Because of this, the Iron Mike™ arm-style pitching machines here at ALLPRO are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide.

Atec Casey Pro pitching machine.ALLPRO also has the versatile Atec Casey Pro™ - the Official Training Machine of Major League Baseball. The Casey delivers any pitch desired, both left and right handed. It throws fastballs and an infinite number of breaking balls, including sliders, curves, splitters, screwballs, knuckle balls and everything in between at speeds up to 100 mph. The top and bottom speed controls are factory synchronized for maximum pitch selection control.

The dual wheel design throws dimpled pitching machine balls with consistent, pinpoint accuracy, allowing hitters to work on swing mechanics or regulation baseballs which move around in the strike zone, allowing hitters to work on reaction to different pitch locations.

Our machine features a Center-of-Gravity design that allows quick and easy adjustments up, down, right or left, making it perfect for batting practice or fielding drills.

In addition, ALLPRO offers the widely used Atec Soft Toss training device to perfect eye-hand coordination. With these equipment options coaches can tailor their training drills to improve the various skills of individual players.

Atec Axis softball machine.This is the Axis™, Atec's most popular softball machine! The specifically designed low-profile tripod mimics the true release point of the pitcher. Throwing wicked drops and risers, the Axis is the best machine on the market for fastpitch players.

The 360° rotation lets you hit every infield and outfield position from home plate in less than one minute. The Axis features an LCD Digital Readout to give accurate speeds on perfect pitches, with variable speed control up to 65 mph. It can pitch a full selection of breaking balls: drops, risers, and curves; and can also throw fly balls, grounders, and line drives for defensive practice!